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NGIF invests in Pragma-IoT SA


Northern Greece Investment Fund (NGIF.gr) anounces its investment in Pragma IoT AE (www.pragma-iot.com) for the amount of €1.000.000.

Pragma IoT is a spin-off company founded in 2017 by CERTH-ITI that offers end-to-end software solutions, as well as consulting services in the domain of Internet of Things, including but not limited to services related to low-power computing, fog networking and computing using embedded intelligence, OEM platform development and design of next generation gateways for IoT ecosystems. The OEM platform provides multi-user stakeholder support, agnostic of domain, sensor, gateway with full support for customization and adaptation. The company has been generating revenues since 2018, has a trusted network of strategic partners and a solid client base. Pragma IoT increased net profit by more than 780% from 2019 to 2020 and operates with a net margin of 66%.

Pragma-IoT develops innovative smart solutions and offers consulting services to organizations and businesses worldwide. The company offers services in Industry 4.0, Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning, Human Behavior Analysis as well as Augmented / Virtual Reality field. The core focus-product is a dynamic OEM IOT platform that covers the full cycle of collection, storage, automatic analysis, and presentation of big data from sensors as well as other sources (ERP systems, databases, etc.). The platform supports multiple thematic areas and has been completed with multiple sensors to provide solutions in a variety of areas. Pragma-IoT has also developed e-Factory, a dynamic and flexible system for analyzing big data and evaluating the performance of a factory and launched recently an Anti-Covid system for automatic entrance and exit control to respond to the pandemic surge.

Northern Greece Investment Fund (www.ngif.gr) was founded in 2021 and is the only Growth Fund based in Thessaloniki, Northern Greece. NGIF has committed capital of €30 mil., which come from private and institutional investors, one of which is HDBI. NGIF invests in high growth SMEs in the following sectors: A) Food and Beverage, Renewable Energy Sources & Energy Efficiency, Health Services, Tourism and ICT.

THERMI VCM ΑΕΔΑΚΕΣ is the Manager of NGIF. THERMI VCM’s team is comprised of  αποτελείται experienced executives in Venture Capital Investments. The Managers goals are 1) Assist the development of SMEs located in Northern Greece, 2) Development of Innovative SMEs with competitive advanatage, 3) Securing returns for the Investees and the Unitholders of the Fund.

Mr. Nikolas Takas, CEO of THERMI VCM, the Manager of NGIF commented: “We are very happy to announce NGIF’s in Pragma IoT. The company is comprised by highly seasoned and highly educated developers with great incentive to make Pragma IoT one of the most important companies in the Internet of Things (IOT) sector. IoT is now one of the main drivers of future growth and optimized performance. Businesses around the world look to grasp the opportunity and capitalize the significant potential and financial benefits IoT can offer and Pragma IoT is perfectly positioned in order to cover this demand. We are confident that the company can succeed in its goals and we firmly believe that the company will be a pillar of innovation and ICT for the Thessaloniki Region.”